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A1 Polishing & Finishing, Inc. was founded in 1998 by Allan Lefeber and Lonald Suttner.  Lonnie retired in 2005, which is when Allan became the sole owner and President of the company. They founded the company with the idea of providing a quality product with rapid turn around and competitive pricing. To date, this idea is still being accomplished with jobs being turned around within our two-week lead time. The success of the company is largely attributed to the team’s hard work, commitment to excellence and loyalty to the team and company


The team at A-1 Polishing and Finishing truly reacts to the partnership we have with them as one of being us.

They have our best interest and our needs totally understood inside of their organization.

The entire A-1 Team is  total invested and willing to add value at any point in time.  As a job shop we need partners that create value like A-1 does for us, to be able to reduce lead times, maintain cost and meet our customer needs.

The team at A-1 Polishing and Finishing does an awesome job and helps us continue to be a top shop in our industry.

Larry Dietz


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